Check my first Foundation site

I am trying out Foundation by Zurb for the first time at:

Is there somebody that’s familiar enough with Foundation that can tell me if I’m getting it right?

“Getting it right” isn’t very specific. If you narrow your browser window, you can see that the layout breaks somewhat, so that would be a No from me, though I’m not familiar with the framework, and I’m not sure if those issues would matter on a mobile device, though the best thing to do is just test as many as you can.

Personally, I think it’s easier to do this sort of thing without a framework, but I know the framework fans will continue to sing their praises. But I’d rather put my energy into learning how media queries work etc. than trying to work out how a complex framework is meant to be used.

Thanks for the reply. I’m well-versed in CSS but just wondered if somebody who was experienced with Foundation could see if I got any Foundation aspects incorrect/less-than-ideal on this page. The DIV’s do stack up when the screen is narrowed but, yes, there are currently some things busting out of the narrowed DIV’s. That will be cleared up as I keep working on this.

And, yeah, I’m very familiar with media queries. I just wanted to be able to say I did a project using Foundation. And then I’m doing another one with Bootstrap. But generally I don’t use a framework at all, and it is likely to stay that way.