Check if postback?

how can i check if page was initialiy loaded or if it’s postback?


if request.servervariables(“REQUEST_METHOD”) = “POST” then
'a post has been done
'a post has NOT been done
end if

You need to remember your html form must be set to method=“POST”

just check. IspostBack property of the page. like this.
if isPostback =True then
'Page is posted back
'page is not initially loaded.
“is this help you or not”?

mr.saif, ispostback is a property of the ASP.NET page object. It is not available in classic ASP.

Sorry mr.saif, I just noticed the post has been moved to the ASP.NET forum. I don’t know why though? Perhap Europheak asked for it to be moved.

its okey :slight_smile:

Classic ASP Design Tips - Post Back Page

that’s exacly what i wanted. works great. thx all!!!