Check hotel room availability

Hi, I am working on this hotel booking website
I have the following tables:

booking (bookingid,arrival,departure,roomid,customerid)PK bookingid

customers (customerid,firstname,lastname,address)PK customerid

rooms (roomid,roomnumber,roomtypeid) PK roomid

roomtypes (roomtypeid,roomtype,numbeds,priceper night)PK roomtypeid
roomtypeid has 1 for single, 2 for double, 3 for twinbed, 4 for triple

I hope this is right.What I need is to check room availability on a certain date to/from.
Since there are no bookings at the moment all rooms should be available.Also is not clear to me how to select
a roomtype on a given date.Thanks a lot.

Do a search - there’s a couple threads here with almost identical requirements.