Cheapest Place To Register a Domain - Anyone With a List?

Hi All,

Cheap Domain Registration…

Can anyone tell me the cheapest place to register TLD domains…?

  1. Is there a list of such registrars or a directory that anyone know about of for cheap domain registration…?
  2. Registrars with good reputation that is also cheap.

Registrars to Avoid…
3) Does anyone have a list of domain registration services that should be avoided…?

Thanks for any help - Natfirst


If you are going for the ‘cheap’ option, you may miss free privacy protection, free domain lock and may get trouble in transfering your domain as well as you may not get full rights of your domain. Secondly ‘good reputation’ and ‘cheap’ are mostly just opposite :slight_smile:

We dot not think there are any sucj lists.

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I don’t know about such a list, but, as an alternative or could help you shave some dollars off the bill.

I am pretty happy with $10 per year that I pay to HostMonster… They have privacy protection and a free domain name if you are hosting with them!

All domain name registrars offer discounts in the different time. So I think that you can review most of them and then go with the one which offes the cheapest prices.
Registrars to avoid: No iccan acreditated (resellers).

I am pretty happy with $10 per year that I pay to HostMonster…

Hostmonster doesn’t have that kind of pricing. :confused:

Domaincentral and both offer free privacy at $6.50. They both have good reps in WHT webhosting forum. I’ve several domains with both - no problems so far.


Thanks to all who have taken the time to help


I register all my domains through GoDaddy. After a certain number of domains you are assigned an account representative and are given some sort of discount because of the quantity of domains. It works out pretty good.

I went to from emigre’s recommendation. They have 5.99 registrations on domains for the first year. Not a bad price, but I am more interested in the longer term costs… what is the price per year after the initial discounted year?

Godaddy is a good option you can register domains their for like 6.75-7.50 usd with their coupon codes. is pretty good!

i have domains from … they are good for first year but for longer terms user

Godaddy is good if used with coupons (.com about $7 then)

moniker, namecheap, name, dynadot, resellerclub, are good options

Try on Godaddy or enom they r cheap and best

Try this Godaddy reseller. I think they are about the cheapest. has a cheap registration price and has a free private whois.

free private whois

Have you ever seen that paid? It is free everywhere.
And cheap price can be set for first year and next year when you will need to renew that might be higher.

I always use Godaddy with codes. Not sure what you’re registering but here’s the codes I use if it helps.
RRTV1 - 10% off
RRTV2 - $5 off orders of $30 or more
RRTV3 - .COM’s for $7.49 (this is a nice savings one)

Hope that helps. I have found Godaddy to be great service and easy to use. But it’s a personal choice. - you can go to 6$ / domain … but you should register as a reseller.

Domain name can be created form the website for reasonable cost.Here you can create your own domain name easily with “smart search” options.Also you can create IDN(internationaized domain name) that is names in native languages(afrikaans to vietnamese…).You can also try creating domain names from the sites [URL=“”] and [URL=“”]