Cheaper Hosting

I’ve never stepped outside of GoDaddy - but every time I need to setup a new site - it’ll cost around $75 w/ a new domain name that I choose.

Just wondering if there are hosting services out there that are cheaper and also where I can choose my domain name. I don’t want anything like Intuit dot com or Site Build It (I think that’s the name of it) where it’s really for ppl that don’t know coding - but a place similar to Godaddy - but cheaper…

I’m using the hostgator and so far I’m really happy with it. They have the great support team and their price is just perfect for me.

hi OP, I think Godaddy is not the best hosting provider ,and I found many bad reviews through google. Godaddy is good at domain name registing but not good at hosting service. You can find many good hosting provider at webhosting forums

Don’t GoDaddy allow you to put multiple domains on one hosting account? If not then swapping to any of the shared hosting providers who do allow multiple domains on one hosting would reduce the cost of the hosting portion for you.

You’d also get a better hosting control panel from a hosting provider who specialises in hosting to what a domain registrar like GoDaddy provide with their “let’s make a bit iof extra money on the side” hosting add-on.

It might still work out cheaper to get the domains from GoDaddy.

Godaddy’s Deluxe plan allows multiple domain hosting.

A lot of people register their domains with Godaddy, but host them elsewhere. Given that in my experience Godaddy’s hosting is terribly slow, I’d advise you to do that too.

Now, if you’re using this to host your customers’ sites, you may want to look into a reseller account.

Having multiply domain web hosting is always more expensive then having multiply web hosting accounts :wink:

There are lots of hosting companies which should suit your needs for lower price than GoDaddy. What are your requirements?

I never felt comfortable with GoDaddy. They create hell of the problem if you try to transfer domain or if you either not hosting with them or not registering through them.

Good luck.

No doubt Godaddy is a reliable registrar but I think its good to keep the domain name and hosting separate.

You have that backwards. For example one BlueHost hosting account with 10,000 domains using the same hosting account is 1/10,000th the price of if you set each up on its own hosting account at BlueHost. The most basic GoDaddy hosting plan is slightly cheaper than the BlueHost one but the one that is closest in what it offers is the same price. The equivalent HostGator account is also about the same price. HostGator also have a much cheaper plan (similar in price to the cheaper GoDaddy plan) which also allows as many domains as you want.

HostGator also have a much cheaper plan (similar in price to the cheaper GoDaddy plan) which also allows as many domains as you want.

If you’re referring to Hatchling, it only allows 1 domain to be hosted. The Baby plan remains their best buy IMHO.

I was looking at the HostGator home page where it says

Web Hosting
Unlimited Sites

So now I am left wondering how you can host unlimited sites on that plan when the plan only allows one domain (as can be seen when you go to the next page where the plans are listed). I guess whoever wrote their home page was lying when they wrote that part.

thx for all your help. I may stick w/ Godaddy for the time being since I do have the plan to have multiple domains on one host.

That is possible. But that should be the kind of the multiple share web hosting account you have with your web hosting provider. If you do not have such account with your web hosting you will ned to upgrade as within the same company or probably find new web hosting company

I agree it’s always better to keep them separate. I register my domains at then get my hosting elsewhere. Otherwise if you need to move your site to a new host then it is harder when your domain is registered by the host.

When you register the domain yourself you can just re-point the name servers and wait for the dns to propagate. have been good to me if you want a cheap UK based host. They have 24hour support… which is ok. They did have a spam problem recently which meant their mail server was blocked by hotmail… but theyve sorted it out now.

I moved my domains from Go Daddy years ago after I read about them confiscating domain names for allegations of spamming. You can check for further details.

After I transfered my domains out of Go Daddy, I continued hosting a website with them on their cheapest plan ($3.95 per month). Over time, the server got slower and slower to the point where forum page loads were taking 20 - 30 seconds each.

I moved my hosting to They do not oversell like Go Daddy and while they have occasional downtime (every host does), I have been mostly happy with them for 2 years. There was a point where they had problems with my server for a few days in a row causing me to look around. But I stuck with them. They also allow you to host as many domains on your account as you want.

As for domain registrars, I think it is best to register your domain name independent of your web host. I know some web hosts will give you a “free” domain name if you sign up for a year of hosting or something. But being tied to them isn’t worth it. In the past few years I’ve used almost exclusively except for the cheap $1.99 Yahoo promotions. I recommend Namecheap.

Dreamhost is very good . Best for less dynamic sites like blogs , webpages and stuff . Hasn’t been down for over 6 months . And ya there are coupons to make it super cheap . You might wanna check them out .

There are a lot of shared web hosting providers over there. I believe if you are stronget with the serach you will be able to find several names to review

namecheap is good for the price. However at time the SQL is a little slow, but if you site doesnt use it then it really wouldn’t be a problem