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iam looking for cheap but quality web hosting. I have my own shopping portal. So i cant afford any server down time. So any suggestion or help will appreciated.


No one can assure you 100% uptime.
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Have a look through the review a host forum - there are plenty of reviews and recommendations from various people.

To find a host, you will also need to work out what requirements you have, in terms of features, and how much you are willing to spend.

Just be aware of the “unlimited” trap, often a fair use policy will apply.

So i cant afford any server down time.

Not even the likes of VISA, who run transactions worldwide, have enjoyed perfect uptime, and they’re definitely not after the “cheap” options.

Most shared hosting can reach or exceed 99.9% uptime on a long term basis, which is more than enough in my opinion for most sites and online stores.

Thanks all for your suggestion. I decided go with Because 1st impression is good for m. Lets see but i will share all my experience with all.

First, to develop such software shopping cart you currently use? How big is your site to the cart? If your site is fairly new, then select the shared hosting plan or a start or anything. Web Hosting Service have great flexibility in their joint plans as a starting point, and with any team, it’s easy to upgrade and downgrade as you go meaning that your accommodation can expand your business.

i am hosting my site (it is a shopping portal) at, may be you should consider VPS hosting plans

what about —ipage—. I think they provide cheap and quality webhosting service.

Did you use them yourself? My own experience tells me that they’re cheap, but not much more than that.

You Can host your Website at

webhostingworld is the cheapest I have had only $1/Mo; but I can to assure you with the up time; it is better if you contact with them regarding your problem.

You can consider a Cloud server in that case. Cloud environment makes use of a number of different servers in a cluster to ensure that there will always be at least one server available to cope up with the load on the cluster or to replace a crashed server. The hosting is spread across the entire Cloud and each server is generally assigned to perform a single task meaning that a single cloud hosting account will never be relying on an individual server in the cloud hosting environment. So this architecture offers a 100% uptime to the customers.

If you want to find quality and cheap, try out several hosts for a month. Within a month, you should surely find out which hosts are solid and cheap.

Hy, I have a website for about one year and is hosted at Arvixe. I had no problem with them but a positive thing about them is that they have a very good and professional support. I talk with them in every problem I have. Maybe you should check them.

Pacific Host provide cheap and quality web hosting. here is the link

I am hosting with webhostinghub. They are great but just that they do not offer website transfer. Online chat support is fast and helpful. I’ve never had my website down so far since the beginning of the year i’ve hosted with them. recently, i purchase another hosting from another company recently: webhostingpad. For $1.99/mth it seems cheap. But my site was down on 2nd day twice!! i logged a ticket to them and the reply was they are doing server maintenance and it was only down for less than 45mins… I was too anoyed with explaination because i was designing my site half way through and did not manage to save before the site went down. The online chat support takes a long time to response. Could be waited for 10min and no one’s there… 2nd day of hosting… bad experience and so i cancelled the hosting with them.

try bigrock or godaddy both are cheap but godaddy gives shared hosting and there is certain downtime. both are good for just starting a website but if user traffic increases you will have to change hosting to somewhere else like mediatemple.

Actually, the LAST thing you want is cheap hosting if you’re serious about your shopping portal. Hosts are always reliable until they’re down, then they’re suddenly not!

The old saying comes to mind - cheap, fast and quality - pick any two! There’s another good saying - “you get what you pay for”. This is as true for webhosting as it is anywhere else - if you pay bottom dollar, you’re not giving them enough money to be able to afford smart people with the right skills, good equipment, and quality datacentres. Of course, any host can be good at the start, but it’s the test of time that shows their true standards.

Always make sure you have current backups.

“you get what you pay for” is very true of a lot of hsoting providers. Pay little and expect an over loaded server that grinds to a halt multiple times a day.

inmotion hosting is good !