Cheap ASP.NET Hosting, Recommendation Please!

Dear All,

My apologize if I post in the wrong thread and feel free to delete my post and feel free to mark as SPAM if I’m not correct.

I really need hosting provider that have UK datacenter. This is really urgent as I’m planning to migrate my site in the next January 2015. My budget is around £4.00- £7.00/month, disk space around 5-10 GB and the provider MUST support the latest ASP.NET 4.5. I want to migrate my site because my previous hosting provider doesnt support the newest ASP.NET 4.5 and SQL 2014.

I have searched via google. Actually I have found the hosting provider and I plan to register with them ( I see they support the latest ASP.NET 4.5 framework with SQL 2014 and they have rich features with nice pricing. I also try to find reviews about their service and read many good positive about their hosting services. One of web hosting review ( also recommend their hosting service.

Can I trust the review? Anyone have experience with them? I’m really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you

My faith in reviews is limited. First because a number of them will come, definately, from family and friends of the guy that owns the company. I would say that if the number of reviews is high (50+) and they’re good in general, yes, you can trust those reviews.

Same with negative reviews. They can be true but then, maybe not. Also the wording is important.

As for a hosting company with servers in UK, the only ones I know are AMEN. Never used them but at least I’m familiar with the name.

Good luck

AMEN??? Never heard about this hosting provider. They support ASP.NET? Could you please advise the URL?

This is the first time I heard about their name…

It seems that they’ve changed their name to

They used to have servers in UK and I guess they still do… but it doesn’t say in their features anymore. You can check them out.

Regarding ASP .NET support… any hosting provider will have that… because they always have a few servers running Windows just for that purpose.

Oooo…… Yeah, I know them as domain registrar, for hosting, they are not too famous enough. I have checked their plan and quite interesting. But, if I compare with, then has more interesting plan and affordable pricing. Maybe I will try in the next few days and I will share my experience here.

Thank you for your help Molona. :wink:

Sorry that I couldn’t be of any help. Best of luck

sorry I am here to get information about .net cheap hosting but I didn’t get my answer actually I have same thread.
Please suggest cheap and good hosting for .net

I have registered with I’m impressive with their support team. You may try them.

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