Charging for each spec?

I have a new client who is making me wait at a snail’s pace.
He asked me for a spec for a web design for one of his clients. I did not ask him for the colors he wanted but he did show me the original website. I charged $85.00 for 1 spec and took the color and design in a totally different direction. He does not want that one because it’s a different color scheme that is on the website. Should I charge him for another spec or just give him one more with no charge? What would you do?

I think it is a valuable lesson that you need to have the requirements written out before you do the work. You cannot become a burden on your customer if you can help it, so in this case (if I understand you correctly) I would not charge again. However, if he is taking up more time then it is worth, you may need to fire your customer! It seems like your charges are very low.

Yes I’m going to do another design for the client as no extra charge. I will just charge the original fee for the two.

Seems like you didn’t follow what little direction he gave you, which was the example site. If you aren’t going to formally document requirements (which is sometimes fine) then you need to be careful about what you are providing, and you need to absorb the risk that it won’t be ‘right’ for the client.

If you value the client, do another design for him.