Character length/width of an email input field?

Hi there,

I am trying to find out what the optimal length of an email input field in terms of characters and width. I have seen some places recommend 33 characters and others say 25 and some even say 255, so not sure what to use.

Does anyone know what size email fields should be or recommend the best size? It is for a newsletter signup form.


Well I don’t think there is a magic bullet, but I have never had any trouble keeping my fields around the 60-100 range. Large enough to handle email addresses that might have added parts to the mailbox name (eg. but short enough that it isn’t going to eat up a bunch of space in a database.

But that is just a preference and like I said, I don’t think there are hard fast rules. It really just depends on the type of data your app expects and business rules.

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