Character encoding

As far as I know, character encoding is about how a character put in bytes, Then for every character, There is a number, and this in binary base save in bytes, 01.

But I check this page:

This is question for me, How this :“\u0633” saves in bytes?It is not a number, That you can use it in binary base.

The \u tells the compiler “what follows is a unicode code point”.

You’ve selected code point 0633, which resolves to the Arabic letter Seen.

It won’t answer all your questions, but here’s a nice start to understanding unicode.

Is this correct:

UTF8 is a standard for unicode encoding.


UTF-8 (UCS Transformation Format — 8-bit) is a multibyte character encoding for Unicode.

unicode is encoding itself, Right?Then UTF8 is encoding for another encoding?:eek:

It’s more correct to say it is an implementation of the unicode standard.