Character encoding issue


I’m working on a page that has text surrounded with ’ ’ marks. The problem is that on the live site these marks change to ’.

The charset is set to utf-8 and when I add text into the CMS it is not changing the ’ to a unicode character. The part I am trying to change however is hard coded into a template.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?

The point in question is bold text on the left hand side of the page at

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I’m not sure if this is your issue, but I’ve found if I copy and paste stuff sent to me by clients, I almost always have problems with any 's that occur. I suspect they’re all using MSWord or something that automatically converts ’ to “Smart quotes”, or something. The simplest solution I’ve found is to do a find-and-replace in my text editor before I do anything else. It solves the problem every time. :slight_smile:

when I add text into the CMS

– what are you using to add text? Which program, what character set is it set to, and how does the CMS save entered text?
– how is the server serving the page? (regardless of any meta tags in the HTML, the server rules all)

From what I can see, this is a Microsoft IIS server running ASP.NET in the back and serving pages as UTF-8. This leaves me to believe your trouble is purely on your end (either the CMS, the editor within the CMS, the editor you add text to before it gets entered into the CMS, or wherever you are copying text from if you are copying anything). Which is good, I think, because I expect those are easier for you to set correctly than the server unless you have privs/ are a sysadmin.