Chaning proftpd port?

Is this a good/bad idea, or does it matter?
Changing the sshd port is a good start.

I seem to get a lot of attempts at cracking into proftpd, they get LFD banned after 10 attempts, but it’s probably best to be paranoid right?

Is there any reason why changing from 20/21 to some 4 digit # would be good/bad?

good: it will reduce cracking attemts by orders of magnitude
bad: You might not be able to connect to your FTP through corporate firewalls, that allow FTP only on 20/21

Then again… I use FTP only for anonymous file distribution - meaning available to anyone. For any file transfer that uses usernames/passwords I use SCP/SFTP. Using FTP with username/password not a good idea unless it is done over secure channel (some sort of VPN), but then it does not have to be on non default port.

If changing the sshd port was a good start, then it makes sense to change ftp as well.