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Does Changing Website theme (Wordpress theme) effects google search engine ranking ? Should I change the theme of my website <snip />

Unless your theme causes you to change your site structure (which I don’t see how it could), or it causes you to lose content, a theme shouldn’t affect your SE rankings all that much to worry about it.

If you’re asking if you should change your theme for other reasons, head over to the Website Design & Content: Reviews & Critiques forum. There is a 3:1 review/request ratio, and some [URL=“”]other rules which are laid out clearly in the threads at the top of each forum.

It may change the results a little bit for a time being. If the on page of the website is the same as it was or much better than it was, you can get much better results as it was previously showing the SERPs.

Does Website theme affect Search engine rankings? I know page load time is a major factor but anything else? Should I change the theme of my website?

Does website theme (wordpress) affect the search engine result ranking? I know page load time matters a lot, but anything else ?

You Can change your Wordpress theme no effect on your traffic. it is your GUI so don’t worry about it.

Generally changing theme of any website including a Wordpress based website should not change your ranking on Google, But it is happened in some cases. I myself don’t know the reason but if you search and ask, you find it. But as i said, its a very rare problem. I suggest you to choose a theme which is similar to your current theme. For example choose another theme from the company you are using your current theme. Its more safe in my opinion.

You can change the theme, but make sure you keep site structure, and check that all URL names remain the same.
That’s the beauty of WP if used properly - you can change as new styles come out.

No. Website theme change never effect search engine ranking, but if you change or modified sites content, title, description, h1, h2 then it can effects your sites ranking a huge. If you need to change your theme then do it.


well, of course yes as much as you lose the content of the Blog which the factors of the Google ranking …

but if you can keep the as they then you can choice the right one …

I suggest to you to choice the good SEO one …

I hope that I helped,

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Changing your WP theme is like changing your clothes. It’s the same person just in a different outfit. You’re still as healthy as you were before and still have the same facial appearance. Maybe because you’re now dressed badly you will might be ignored, but you would still as easily be found because you’re business cards and contact details. This is like changing a theme, in that you can be found but once found might be ignored because your new theme is not as good. Alternatively you new theme might be better and some new people might be drawn to you, likewise some of your old customer might feel intimidated and leave you altogether.

There should be no issue in updating your theme from one to another, providing your SEO plugins remain the same and you have the same data in your web pages. Sometimes a change of theme is required, particularly if a theme is giving you issues. I remember a while back I ditched a WP theme because it was complicated.

Some great themes include SEO properties in them. I would copy and paste these properties in an independant S.E.O. plugin. I like to use S.E.O. Yoast, and from there change your theme without an issue. For security purposes you can use something like ‘Maintenance Mode’ so you can make the transition easy. If you’re struggling with the plugin you can change the .htaccess file to ban all IPs but your own whilst working on your website.

Hope this helps.

Simply No It Would Not!

Thank you Sega :slight_smile: … Your explanation is awesome…

WP theme changing is very easy and we can customize according to our requirement, more over WP is SEO friendly