Changing the account name

Can any forum administrator please change my account name?
It would be fine for if you do it.

Changing from “web-coder” to “php-coder”

Thank you.

Why do you want to change your name? Generally the administrators only change forum names if there’s a genuinely good reason for the change to be implemented.

I like “php-coder” ,it’s more meaningful name that “web-coder”.

I have also an account named “php-coder” in another forum.

Like to have similarity.

And as i have only 12 posts ,it’s not hard to change little database.

Can any forum administrator change my account name from “web-coder” to “php-coder” ?

Thank you.

srry but i don’t think they will change your name good luck
p.s. you could always make a new account if its that important to u.

No, you should not make a new account. That’s pretty clearly mentioned in the FAQ.

To change a name, send me or Sarah a PM.

Not at all! I had the username BoltZ and I PM’d sarah to change it to this (which happened instantly, thanks a lot!) and there was no leginimate reason for this, I just felt like having it changed.

Whereas I asked to change my username to ‘Jake Arkinstall’ last Feburary and I’ve heard nothing about it since, other than that it was sent to head-office.

I presume that it might have been the length of it; Im unsure of the maximum length.

Jake, PM Raena again to get her attention.

Already on it ;D

Sent PM to you.

And look at that shiny new name!

Thank you.

Woah, quick response!

Thanks Raena!

You’re both welcome!

I have also requested, waiting for the reply.