Changing size of text in Wordpress sentence

How to MANUALLY edit/change font size in a specific sentence in wp blog post? I do not mean with a plugin…don not want plugin usage. How to manually do this in text editor? I try to highlight that text and go up to PARAGRAPH and use “heading6” etc. but the ENTIRE post gets reduced/enlarged. So how to MANUALLY edit this in text editor? Thanks ------

You do not want to change the size of the font by selecting heading instead of paragraph. Those options: heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, …, paragraph have semantic meanings in the content: heading 1 being the top level heading, heading 2 is a sub-heading, etc and paragraph is for the regular text. The size of your text is controlled by the css styles.

In your text editor for the post, put <span class="newstyle"><span> around the sentence you want to change.

Then go to your style.css file (Appearance > Editor in your dashboard) and this file will be open for editing by default. Add the following style to your css and save your changes:

.newstyle {
   font-size: 1.2em;

Use whatever class name you wish, and whatever font-size you wish.

Please note that the next time you update your theme, if it is a pre-made WordPress theme, this change will be overwritten by the updated files.

Normally, we don’t recommend inline styles (they are a bad idea) but if this is just a once only change to a post you could also do this directly in your post instead of the above method:

<span style="font-size: 1.2em;"> ... sentence to be changed ... </span>

So in screenshot, I will add: BEFORE that sentence and then AFTER, right? Then I go to the dashboard and do the rest in my editor (APPEARANCE>EDITOR etc.) wordpress not perfect I see…and if I update to WP version 4.6.1 then all is lost, right?

oh gawd…I see the span code did not appear that I added…ugh…

Then try my second solution, putting the font-size change inline. It could be that something in the stylesheet is interfering with your changes, and it could get complicated trying to figure out what.

I tried your second suggestion. Check out my latest blog post here and tell me what you think - make sure you see very bottom of that post (where the sentence has an asterisk) - since I use that code your mentioned, now if I update to a newer version of Wordpress though, does that automatically revert back to original text? Thank you!

PS: If I want to add color to that text, what code to add? Curious about that

No the changes won’t be lost because they are not part of the theme code, they are part of the post which gets stored in the database.

Why do you not want to use a plugin? There is an advanced version of the tinyMCE editor that adds functionality to the text editor such as font sizes, font colours etc.

I like to use that plugin for my clients who want a little more control over the look of their posts but whom I can trust to not go overboard and destroy the consistency of their site’s appearance

Thank you for acknowledging that nothing will be lost if WordPress is updated. As for plugins, see screenshot. Really, I feel that half a dozen I now have is more than enough and I don’t want to become complacent or reliant on them everytime I have a so called problem. As you can see, I’m not even using the one plugin that is installed…it for tag manager and is so complicated to understand. The other aspect I don’t like with plugins is that they are always needing to be updated…then you have to update WP itself…it never ends. As for TinyMCE, I heard to avoid it because it incorporate TABLES and that is a big no-no when you want to get your site indexed properly. Something I had read on another forum somewhere. But I REALLY appreciated your input. Have you noticed TinyMCE messing with your SEO? I hope not…

You change the color inline by doing this:

<span style="color: #013ADF">This text is affected.</span>

You get the HTML color code after # by picking from this or similar pages:

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