Changing permalinks in WP without redirection?

in a “pre launched” WP site I want for SEO purposes change the permalinks from default to post name and come up with those questions…

a) does it make such a difference for SEO, since the Page letters are not latin but Greek?
b) if I change, what will happen? will I just have to update all links on my web

c) if I get trouble, and change settings back to the default settings, will it work again properly?

d) the redirect plugins actually make the same work, instead of changing all the lins, you have to put in the source and the target… if its not more work its almost the same as going to the whole web and change links… so what do you suggest?


Hi :slight_smile: Your site runs on WordPress! It’s just wonderful, because you already bother and work developers. You don’t need to delve into this issue, just in the search box, type in a few words regarding your problem and at the end add “plug-in”, so for example: “permalinks plugin WordPress” and You will be the plugin to choose, read carefully the instructions, download, install, and activate. And Yes, after changing the links, in search of a few months will be hanging old links, 2-3 months for sure. But don’t worry, just keep working on the site, fill with content and everything will be fine. Good luck :slight_smile:

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