Changing p font color in a class

Hey, here’s my site:

I’m trying to change the font colour in the slide area to #333333

Right now, in the CSS, all the font is currently the same colour.

I’m thinking I need to add something to this maybe? But I’m not sure what. I’ve tried a few things with no change.

.slide-content { width: 320px; padding: 60px 0 30px 0; font-size: 13px; }

A quick push in the right direction would help a ton, thanks.

The slide area is moving too quickly, try checking if the images loaded first and then leave it on for a couple of seconds before moving. A couple of small buttons to slide back and forth may be helpful as well.

The differently colored bubbles for the different arts aren’t that inspiring (to me at least)

I may attempt to decrease the logo size and add some space in there, it feels a bit crammed to me, and vertically align the menu to something (center or bottom).

That’s all I can think of, in addition to the font color.

Specific points:

1- Remove the indentation from the ‘Born & Raised’ paragraph.
2- The slide area: programs and pricing - add some spaces between the different martial arts to give them more attention. A single block of text isn’T usually that user-friendly.
3- The background breaks to the very right and bottom of the page.
4- The youtube video: you need to make the sliding effect stop somehow, or have it open in an additional div. As it’s very annoying when you click play and it simply goes away. I don’t know if you can have an onclick event for the video or not.

If you apply this, it should be working (tried on Firebug). Add this to your existing .slide-content class.

.slide-content { color: #333;}

you’re an angel.