Changing number of backlinks

Hello Friends

I checked the number of my backlinks using an online tool.
First day the number was 384.
The next day when I checked it was 163.
Again on the third day it showed 384.
What could be the possible reason for this?


Remember that search engines always change. They sometimes change temporarily or other more permanently when it comes to their algorithms.

you should also check between yahoo and google and find that the number of backlinks are different on these two :slight_smile:

We could only know that if we knew how the online tool works.

Agreed. Also, though, it’s important to remember that your backlinks are never and will never be stable. Sure, some are more reliable than others but they’re still outside of your control. Losing more than half of your backlinks in one day seems like a big jump so I’d have to guess that the tool simply isn’t reliable.

I would consider those results an error in the tool counting the backlinks. There could easily be an extra load on a server that caused it to time out or lots of reasons

one possible reason is that the tool is not accurate… you can check it manually…

How do you check your inbound links manually? Are we talking about an audit of the entire internet? :slight_smile:

i thing ur tool does not working properly its happen due to error of your tool
you can also check the backlinkwatch dot com for checking backlinks.

Rubbish. Plenty of sites haven’t been touched for years and their pages rank just fine.

I’d be interested to see where these backlink tools are getting their data from. It’s accepted that Google has the largest index and to the best of my knowledge, it’s not available for your viewing pleasure outside of the Google search. After all, this is their business model.

That being said, Google is the only one who is going to have the most accurate link report regarding your website as they know how many links they have in their own index. Yahoo is the best one to give you their statistics and Bing the same way. Given that Google offers this information free of charge within their Google Webmaster Tools it seems silly to develop another tool that by it’s very nature will never be as accurate as the free tool offered by Google.

yes your links are never stable.But online tool are not prefect.You check in different tool you will get different numbers of back links.

It may some update going on at Google OR may be some problem at your Tool.
please take the figure of 7 days and then compare it. I think it will help you better…