Changing my site name

My site name apparently sucks. I imagine its sort of like calling your site Google doesn’t know what to pull up. My goal is to place on first page for most quires. I am changing it to a name that will do that. It will be a fun project for the next few months.

Making any real money as a freelance hasn’t garnered much. I plan on doing that through advertising now. I’ll se how it tuns out…

I make a little now. About a $1000 a year. Anybody been able to make more?

Hi Eric

My income was pretty slow to start and I first tried as much of the free advertising as i could get. I then looked at local websites and found the amount of people who were unhappy with their existing developer was surprisingly high, so i found out what they were unhappy with and in alot of cases it was pretty minor stuff and more down to some developers not knowing how to deal with real people and none IT people. Now things are picking up which I hope is a good thing.

Granit I have’nt tried that hard. Basically if it doesn’t fall in my lap it didn’t happen. Coding has always just been a fun hobby for me. Seems nearly 100% of projects that do fall in my lap are all super difficult ones that I pass on. Still waiting for the mom and pop shop that needs a 10 page static site. Lol

Hey, aren’t we all :slight_smile:

It is great that you want to improve your business but I would say that $1000 is not business at all but, as you said, a hobby.

Doing promotion will be great but it would be more important to know how you want to increase your income… are you promoting your website? your services? are you becoming a freelancer (full or part time)?

Man, I thought you made a thousand a year off advertising!
If you’re getting enquiries and passing them on (as they are too difficult or whatever), maybe you could try finding some people to work with.
You could then divide the tasks, e.g. you do the HTML and the CSS (which you seem to be really good at) and get someone else to do the JavaScript or server-side bit.
Just a thought …

Thanks guys. To be clear it’s a $1000 a year from very minimal advertising. Basically zero at the moment off freelance. Like I said I haven’t ever really tried that hard. Even if I wanted to I don’t really have any time to do even part time. More like part-part time. My main Job and I own and manage 4 other rental props make up the majority of my days. I’ve never been much of a sails man. Avoided it like the plague. As my site grows though I see a little more interest in advertising so maybe I can make some passive income that way instead. Pullo that’s a good idea and I will keep that in mind. Molona, yeah I’m going to do all the social stuff, yelp and others to go along with it.

@PicnicTutorials; Advertising itself will not give you that much unless you have massive traffic and that’s hard to get, specially solo (although you can get collaborators along the way and make it bigger)

You can also think about selling something. Let’s say that you write amazing articles, then you can create your own e-book and sell it. In this way you would kill two birds with one shot: amazing content for your site that will help to increase the number of visitors and, with just a bit of editing from your part, an product that you can sell :slight_smile:

I think getting $1000 when all you didnt have to put out any initial capital is great…even if you say its just a part-time of a part time, still very admirable. The fact that you can make money from nothing but the time you spent just goes to show money is time:)