Changing my email address for Google Services

Hi everyone,
I have Google Apps set up for my business email and I want to consolidate that email address for all of my Google services. For example, I am able to log into Gmail with my business email “” however I can’t log into Analytics, AdWords, or Adsense with this same email address. The services are turned on in Google Apps too.

When I log into Analytics it gives me a brand new account, so I will need to carry over the existing data with Analytics and Adsense using my business email.

Is this email address adjustment for these Google Services easy enough to fix? And what will happen with my old data for these services?


Good question. I did a bit of Googling, and found this page:

Google Analytics: In order to keep your Analytics history you will need to share your Google Analytics accounts (from your normal Google account) with your Google Apps account (make sure to give your Google Apps account administrator rights). Your Analytics profiles/accounts will now appear Google Analytics under your Google Apps account.