Changing link text to bold upon clicking

Hello everyone,

I have a navigation bar. It has some 20 links. I wish to make the current link bold. I mean when I click on the link, I want to make it bold and when I click on something else, I want to make the bold link normal.

How do I do it? I tried using following function which I invoked on onclick event of <a> </a> tag. But when I click on somthing else bold text remains the same.

Can yo suggest some ideas, Please??

here is the script
function selected_option(linkid)

This is one way to do it

var currElem = null; //will hold the element that is bold now

 function BoldText(elem) {
  if (elem != currElem) { //do thing if you're clicking on a bold link

   if (currElem) //if a link bold right now unbold it'normal';

   currElem = elem; //assign this element as the current one'bold';  //make the element clicked bold


and the html

 <a href="#" onclick="BoldText(this);">Some LInk</a>
 <a href="#" onclick="BoldText(this);">Link 2</a>

hope this helps

Thanks warjockey for your time, but this is not what I am looking for. When I click on link I want to make rest of the links to appear normal. I don’t know how to achieve it.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding things here, but wont a:active { font-weight: bold; } achieve what you’re wanting?

I tried a:active{font-weight:bold;} too, nothing happened. I started with this only, but it didn’t make any link bold, so I came up with the javascript function.

Thanks though