Changing language in phpmyadmin


I’m communicating with my database with the help of phpmyadmin ver 2.6.0. Recently, after i scanned and removed some spy wares from my computer, the phpmyadmin loads in Chinese Language :eek:

How can i change it back to English?
I’ve tried setting the regional settings under the cointrol panel but not helping…I’m using Win XP SP2

Any help / comment will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

delete your cookies for that site (since phpmyadmin stores your language preference in a cookie). also, in the character encoding option in the view menu, set it to something other than chinese, like auto or iso-8859-1 or utf-8.

Hi, I tried clearing all the cookies and setting to utf-8 but it still loads me the Chinese version…

Hi all,

I have managed to solve the problem already :smiley:

In order to change the lang,set the following in the

$cfg['Lang']     = 'en-utf-8';

To force the browser always display English.

Thanks for the help.