Changing image name causes error on website

I changed the name of an image, same .jpg type only changed the name and uploaded it to the root directory and now I get Authorization Required.

What causes this?

If I change it back it shows again.


A long shot, but maybe the name string is getting matched by some rule in htaccess which returns that header.

Yeah the thing about it the image (a product) was fine on my site for a long time. Then I noticed the broken image and tried to open the image in a new tab …Authorization Required! Took a while to for me to figure out it was the image name.

I thought it probably was a file permission problem. It wasn’t. When I tried to relist the product, same broken image problem. I create square images for Google shopping and this was already square so I loaded as is and it showed. I added a background for my regular product listing in Gimp tried to list and it wouldn’t work.

That’s when I just took the image and loaded in he root directory. Tried several different names. Made sure there were no capitals, etc just a simple name like image.jpg still wouldn’t work.


Have you tried to use a different, dummy image?

Yeah I uploaded several other images in the root and they all worked fine.

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