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I currently have my website and email hosted with a company here in Ireland.

I have also recommended all of my clients to order their domains and hosting with the same company over the last 10 years.

However the hosting company’s service has deteriorated significantly over the last 6 months. Some of my client’s websites are going down for hours with no explanation and they take up to 5 days to respond to support tickets… in which they finally try to blame everyone else other than themselves… so time to move on…

I have two issues so i thought i would keep them in the same thread / post.

01 - New Hosting
I want to order a new (shorter) domain name for my company with a new hosting company. Obviously i will have a new website and email address for my company, so i will need to update all of my clients. I am not so worried about my old url / website, however what would be the best way to manage / forward my old email address to my new email address, baring in mind that i want to cancel my hosting with my old hosting provider. Would it be best to move my old domain name over to the new hosting company and add it to my new account and then set up an email forwarder, and then cut everything with my old hosting company?

02 - Master Hosting
As i mentioned above, i reccommended the hosting company to all of my clients. Some people are telling me that i should create a large / parent hosting account and then sell / manage all of my clients under this parent hosting account, so that i can charge them the hosting fee instead of the company. Can anyone offer and advice or information on this. I need to make sure my client’s website have adequate resources / speed / memory / bandwidth etc…

Thanks in advance for your help.

Depending on the number of clients you have and what their needs are either VPS hosting or dedicated hosting will allow you to do this.

If your only reason to choose a new domain name is because you are switching to a new hosting company, then don’t do it. It’s perfectly possible (and normal) to use the same domain with the new company. Doing so will save you a certain amount of hassle, not to mention consideration for your existing customers who are familiar with your present domain name.

But if your reason for choosing a new name is because you want a better (or shorter) name, then go ahead and do that, but keep the old one for a while (and register the old one with your new hosting company). Then set up an auto-forwarder from the old to the new (almost all email systems will allow you to do that). That way, not only will you continue to receive all your email, but you will be replying from the new address, which will help to get it better known amongst your contacts.


cool, thanks guys

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