Changing email provider using same email address


I’m not sure if this is the correct category but I thought it was the best to match my question.

I want to change email provider from my current host Vidahost’s service to use Google Apps, using my own domain. Numerous people already have email addresses at this domain and we won’t want our email addresses to change, just the provider.

Can anyone tell me if this changeover is easily done and how does it work with keeping current emails?

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If you are on a cPanel host and are contemplating moving to another cPanel host, I would say that there would only be a problem while the DNS update propagates (max 3 days but I’ve seen my website(s) updated in less than 15 minutes). cPanel has a great feature which would make the transition between hosts almost trivial.

HOWEVER, since you want to use Google Apps (and I know very little about their service), I’d bet that you would have to take the time to reconfigure EVERYTHING, i.e., this is NOT the solution you’re looking for.



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