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I am in need of desperate help :weary:

I have recently taken a friends website: over from vista print as they were paying £10 a month and I said I could have them on my hostgator account and help them build a wordpress site.

I changed the DNS a few weeks ago to my hostgator ones and thought that was it. I have now found out that I need to change the domain registrar, which I have never done before. Do I have to pay for this domain name? And where do I register it?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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To change domain name registrars you pay the new registrar for at least one year’s hosting. They will then transfer the domain registration across to themselves and add the extra time you paid for to the end of the time that was already available on the domain. You must have at least some time left on the domain to transfer it as registrars lock the domain from being transferred when the renewal date is getting close - so that you then have to renew with them first before being able to go elsewhere.

The cost of the domain depends on the TLD (in your case .uk) and which registrar you go with, Someone in the UK can probably give you a n idea of the range charged for .uk domains.

Why? Domain hosting is completely separate from site hosting. All you need to do is access the domain registrar account and update the name servers. But it looks like this has already been done, so you should be all good:

Another question is who owns the domain. As I understand it Vista print own the domain name and your friend just rents it. I would check the whois for the site before going to far.

I can not check the site myself as your link comes up blank. That is strange as the link provided by @ralphm works!

What’s with the

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.
*** This registration has been SUSPENDED. ***

It looks as if VistaPrint has suspended it because the services to which it was attached have been cancelled.

I had assumed the same - I hope @ontargett friend is understanding.

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They had cancelled their account with vista print as I had transferred the domain name to my DNS. They usually charge £10 to release the domain name, but as they were having technical issues (they couldn’t release it for 3 days) they did it for free. I have the receipt for this.

This is the email they then sent when they said they had released it, I have blocked out username and passwords details for security:

Dear name,
We have successfully released the web address to your name. Read below for important information on managing your account.

Since we no longer control the web address and no longer provide additional support for managing it, here are a few tips to accessing your web address:

1. Update Contact Information at OpenSRS:

Go to and click Manage Domain.

Your log-in information is:

Web address Name:

Username: xxxx

Password: xxxx

Update the Admin Contact, Billing Contact or Technical Contact information for your web address. You should update this information soon after taking ownership of your web address. You will receive important emails with instructions.

2. Transfer Your Web Address to Another Registrar:

To transfer your web address to another web address registrar, set up an account with the new registrar if you have not done so already. You may be asked for an authorization code, which can be found by clicking the “Domain Extras” link at the top of the “Manage Your Domain” page at OpenSRS. For more information on how web address transfers work, see these links:

You must complete the transfer process by 15/09/2015.

3. Update Nameservers Information

To update your name servers to point at a new host, log in to your account and click Manage Name Servers on the main page. This will allow you to point your web address name to the address of your new host.


Vistaprint Internet Marketing.

So these are the steps I have now taken:

  1. I have changed the DNS of this domain name
  2. I have transferred the domain name to my 123-reg account, I didnt need authorization/EPP code as I am led to believe that .uk domain names don’t need them as they are free to transfer.

I have now done everything they require but it still hasn’t transferred. I have sent the same message to vista print, but I find this forum much more useful!!

Thanks for your help so far.

I am very surprised they only charge £10 for this process.

The WhoIs information is still showing the domain registered to VistaPrint, so clearly something has gone wrong somewhere.

[quote=“ontargett, post:8, topic:197503”]
I have transferred the domain name to my 123-reg account, I didnt need authorization/EPP code as I am led to believe that .uk domain names don’t need them as they are free to transfer.
[/quote]That seems to be OK, as the registrar is showing as 123-reg.

You should be able to log into your Nominet account and update details for a domain, but I don’t think it will allow you to change the registrant’s name. I think you need to ask VistaPrint (again) to sort this out, and if you get no joy, then ask Nominet what you should do.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the help on this, for some reason the tag wouldn’t change from TUWCOS to 123-REG. I tried it again the next day and it changed fine.

Thanks again, issue solved

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