Changing dimensions

In an FLA file my stage is 1680px X 946px. I want an SWF with smaller dimensions. I can’t find a way to change the dimensions upon publication/export. When I specify smaller dimensions in the code of the web page that displays the SWF, extraneous lines appear around the bitmap images that were used in the FLA file.

Any idea how to get a version with smaller dimensions without extraneous lines around the bitmaps?

I should mention that I’m using CS4 on a PC. I have access to CS3 and CS4 on Macs. The file was originally created using MX2004. If you need to see the SWF, you can find it in my portfolio at’s the file with the orange background and the client name is Smith & Nephew (click on the still image and scroll up to see the swf). (Go easy on the portfolio–it’s being redesigned as we speak–lol.)