Changing cursor shape


I’m doing a
move_uploaded_file($_FILES[‘userfile’][‘tmp_name’], $uploadfile)
and it takes a fair amount of time.
Just prior to issuing the move_uploadedfile command, I’d like to change the cursor to the hourglass, and once it is finished put it back to the normal cursor.

How can I do this ?


PHP cannot do this. You need client side scripting. Maybe… ?

You could always do it within an iframe as well, then using css through javascript set the parent document’s cursor to an hourglass.
Flash would be your ‘prettiest’ route here though…

OK, thanks for the info

better than that whats problem in using some progress bars…

a progress bar would be perfect but I don’t know how to do that, nor would I know how long it was going to take. I suppose the upload depends mainly on the person’s bandwidth


well there are lots of ready to run progress bar in net
some use jquery and ajax and other use flash
you dont need to be expert to use it.
google it and see some demo

i think that flash one called swf upload or something was good…

but user bandwidth or internet connection is not a problem if net is slow, the progress bar will progress slowly in % if net is fast that progress bar will reach to 100% faster…but it will give visual feedback of what is being done in either case…

Check out

Thanks, will do