Changing current email system to route through the domains server

Am looking after a website and emails for a company and they currently have their emails routed through Office 365, this is totally alien to me, as I have been working with the ordinary email system routing through the server where the website is hosted. How do I change it over please? and what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing it please?

I would be very careful about changing a system they have in place because you are not familiar with it. What happens when you can’t look after the website anymore and they find someone else to look after it who doesn’t feel comfortable with the system you chose instead?

If the email system works for them and there aren’t any obvious disadvantages to it other than your lack of experience with it, I feel like it would probably be best to learn how to work with Office 365 - at least until you are experienced enough with it that you have good grounds for wanting to change over. IMHO

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Some good points, thank you. They have got me for the long-term, possibly 5-10 years. (I have worked with them before and we are both well known to each other).

Are there any disadvantages to changing from Office 365 to domain server for emails?

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