Changing container width : Bootstrap 4


I’ve just started Bootstrap 4 Alpha. I downloaded it and compiled from sass to css, everything works fine. But there’s a small issue, my container gets too small after the second breakpoint, so I thought I could change the container size, I did it using my external css file, didn’t touch anything in the compiled bootstrap.css

Now, is it safe to change container width just like that or do I need to change other things not to break my site in the future? Will columns, rows and everything else adapt container’s new size?

.container {
    max-width: 74.9em;

Yes, nothing will break (probably), because column widths are percentage based which means it’ll look to the parent width as a reference point.

But you should just try a few site builds to confirm nothing else breaks :slight_smile: .

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I already started working with a few variations but I wanted to get your opinions since my experience with CSS is limited.

Thank you, @RyanReese :slight_smile:

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