Changing code in drop down menu...But No Change!

I am Changing code in drop down menu…But No Change is displayed in the drop down menu.

All help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

From this:

car_bodies’ => array(
‘sedan’ => __(“Sedan”, ‘cardealer’),
‘hatchback’ => __(“Hatchback”, ‘cardealer’),
‘wagon’ => __(“Wagon”, ‘cardealer’),
‘suv’ => __(“SUV”, ‘cardealer’),
‘minivan’ => __(“Minivan”, ‘cardealer’),
‘coupe’ => __(“Coupe”, ‘cardealer’),
‘convertible’ => __(“Convertible”, ‘cardealer’),
‘pickup_truck’ => __(“Pickup truck”, ‘cardealer’),
‘full_size_van’ => __(“Full Size Van”, ‘cardealer’),

To this:

car_bodies’ => array(
‘pickup_truck’ => __(“Pickup Truck”, ‘cardealer’),
‘minivan’ => __(“Minivan”, ‘cardealer’),
‘full_size_van’ => __(“Full Size Van”, ‘cardealer’),
‘panel_truck’ => __(“Panel Truck”, ‘cardealer’),
‘panel_van’ => __(“Panel Van”, ‘cardealer’),
‘light_truck’ => __(“Light Truck”, ‘cardealer’),
‘medium_truck’ => __(“Medium Truck”, ‘cardealer’),
‘heavy_duty_truck’ => __(“Heavy Duty Truck”, ‘cardealer’),
‘custom_truck’ => __(“Custom Truck”, ‘cardealer’),

I have also changed the en_US.po file:

msgid “Pickup Truck”
msgstr “”

msgid “Minivan”
msgstr “”

msgid “Full Size Van”
msgstr “”

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