Changes in php.ini in WAMP win't take place

I went to C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.5.12, edited php.ini and changed there the memory limit from 128M to 512M. I then saved the file, and restarted all services with WAMP. I also cleaned my browsers cache to avoid any possible confusion.

I then went to localhost > phpinfo() but there it seems it still “stuck” on 128. I’ve double checked everything and all should be fine, so why my changes in php.ini does not effect the server?..

Thank you dearly for any direction,

You’re probably not modifying the correct file. From what I recall in WAMP/XAMP there are several duplicate php.ini files.

I’ve only one such file in the entire comp… I also changed several other things that did appear changed in phpinfo() [like the xdebug max nesting level].

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