Changes can be view with www but not visible without www?

I found the problem. All changes you made show up when viewing the site from

If viewing from just, then those changes are not visible.

How do we fix this

You can see that Favicon is different on both URL also couple of changes

Clear your browser cache.

Thanks your reply.
In WordPress General Settings
WordPress Address (URL):
Site Address (URL):

Is this my causing problem.

What if i change it to
WordPress Address (URL):
Site Address (URL):

Will this solve my problem

So in Future we won’t face that kind of problem

The site shows two different web-pages one has an additional 20 lines.

Also there are two different favicon.ico, one is a jpg the other png.

Having two different web-pages which are nearly the same will halve your SEO because the results are split. Try Googling for “http://” and also “http"www.” and notice the results.

About 26 results (0.36 seconds)
About 114 results (0.47 seconds)

A possible solution would be to change your .htaccess and to Rewrite using “RewriteEngine on”

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I am not a expert of writing .htaccess and also don’t have enough experience .
Last night i have done four changes non of them are appearing when u view simple http://
there must be a simple solution that when ever we type www or not changes can be visible on both side

I am not a expert of writing .htaccess and also don’t have enough experience .

Topic moved to Server Config where hopefully the experts will show how to make the necessary .htaccess changes.


What you’ve described is a “mis-configured” DNS. You need to repeat your A code for either the www.domainname for the domainname.

I’m not very familiar with DNS coding (and have to look at my DNS records every time before changing one) but this should have been done by the hosting server’s new account utility so my recommendation is that you NOT edit your DNS but send a request to your host to change your A record for the non-www’s domain to match the www.domainname’s record.

As for WP (?) looking for the www’d domain name, if that is a problem, then you can alter your .htaccess using mod_rewrite to require (or prohibit) www.domainname (an example of which is provided at



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