Change To W3C Validator

I went to just quickly check a bit of HTML via the W3C validator and found that they are no longer allowing code to be validated from non-public IP addresses.

Sorry, the IP address of localhost is not public. For security reasons, validating resources located at non-public IP addresses has been disabled in this service.

If this is not temporary then it could have a fairly major affect on people who want to validate HTML, as they will have to uploaded the page they wish to validate to a public server.

@ advisors, I was not really sure where to put this thread, i don’t think it’s really general chat.

The web developer toolbar hits validates local page (well at least it used to) via the w3c validator. It might have been linked to whatever the problem with it was that is mentioned here.

The firefox web developer toolbar has a local validation option. I’m not sure how that’s done considering it looks like it still hits W3C’s online validator.

Forgive me for being thick, but how can the validator server access stuff stored on That’s on your computer, so I don’t see how the validator can see your local files.

A solution is to just generate the HTML, view source and then paste it into the direct input box.