Change text of a .jpeg photo

I have a jpeg image (1 layer) and I want to move some pxs to the right the text that it has.(The “firm profile” at the uploaded image.)
I have no psd etc,The image and the site is done by another company.
How can I do this?

Difficult without the original, I would think. The background has pictures of people, which makes it hard to paint out the background, but you could do it with a lot of closeup work. If you have the latest Ps, you could try the content aware fill, but I doubt it could replicate the missing bits of the people very well, unless you did little bits at a time.

(Warning: I’m not experienced with Ps, so you may get some better replies.)

Not too difficult with a mono chromatic image in the background. The clone tool is your friend.

Have attached a link to the image I did in a few minutes, feel free to use it. I have saved the JPG at full settings though it isn’t web optimised because I’m assuming you will add the words back in over the top.