Change Powered By Google Text To White In Google Translate Drop Down

Hi All

I have put a Google Translate drop down on a website and it works fine except the background colour that it is on is black and the text that says “Powered By Google Translate” is also dark.

Does anyone know if it is possible to change this text to white or light and how?

Thanks for any help.


You could try something like this:

#google_translate_element .goog-te-gadget,
#google_translate_element .goog-te-gadget a{color:#fff}

Of course you would need to read the TOS to see if you are allowed to make changes to the widget.

Also I believe the widget is no longer supported and you are encouraged to let users use the native browser translation tool.

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That worked… thanks… I am sure changing the colour of the text is fine… I will read the link you sent as well… thanks once again for the help.