Change pages without destroying slideshow

I would like to make a web page with slideshow:
and would like to make a menu with about 10 pieces of pages of text and perhaps images. When you do this with HTML, then the slideshow that I linked to start from scratch. I wonder if anyone knows a ready solution to feed the various pages of text without pictures starting from scratch.

Guess it was in the JavaScript part I would add this thread.

Hi lantiqo,

There would only be two ways to do this with JavaScript alone and one would be to use a cookie but that is not an ideal option, another method which is newer and supported by IE8+ is localstorage which is like a cookie but the data gets stored within a SQLite database within the browser. See the below links for examples of how this use this API for modern browsers.

Would an alternative be to randomize the order of the images in the slideshow, so that it starts from a different point on each page load? (Not sure why you’d want the same slideshow on each page, though … if I’m understanding rightly.)