Change line of code to button

How can I change the line “Re-record this video” to a button.
And How can I change it’s location on the page? Thanks.

document.write("<p><a href='index.html?filename="+my_filename+"'>Re-record this video</a><br/><br/>");

<input type="button" value="Re-record" onclick="window.location='index.html?filename='+my_filename+'" />

Are you using document.write() to create your page?

Thanks for that help.
I didn’t write this script, so I’m not sure if it’s to “create the page”.
I’m not very versed in javascript.
I don’t know where I can use your posted code in this script below. Any additional help will be greatly appreciated.

<script type="text/javascript">
		var my_filename	= get_parm('filename');
		var file		= document.getElementById("form_filename");
		file.value 		= my_filename;
		var flashvars = {
		file: my_filename,
		streamer: "rtmp://"
		document.write("<p><a href='index.html?filename="+my_filename+"'>Re-record this video</a><br><br>");
		swfobject.embedSWF("player.swf", "player", "640", "480", "9", "expressInstall.swf", flashvars);

		function get_parm(name)
			name 		= name.replace(/[\\[]/,"\\\\\\[").replace(/[\\]]/,"\\\\\\]");
			var regexS	= "[\\\\?&]"+name+"=([^&#]*)";
			var regex	= new RegExp( regexS );
			var results	= regex.exec( window.location.href );
			if( results == null )
				return "";
				return results[1];

Use it where your current <a> tag is:

		document.write("<input type=\\"button\\" value=\\"Re-record\\" onclick=\\"window.location='index.html?filename='+my_filename+'\\" /><br><br>");

For changing its position, you can use CSS but document.write() outputs the code straight away so where ever you put the above Javascript it likely where the button will be shown.

Thanks for your help.
I tried your line of code, as-is. It showed a button, but I wasn’t redirected when I selected the button.
I guess it’s because I don’t know what you mean when you state “Use it where your current <a> tag is”.
Any additional help will be appreciated.