Change home page on WP?

I’m trying to copy a site for a client (who left him high and dry with the website) So basically i’m taking it over and trying to update the store, but how was this done, on the old site UrtUrt compared to mine [url=]Home « test
How did the old designer make her home page that, you see, it has page_id=58 but on hers thats the home page, but on mine it isn’t
how was that done?

Did you get the home page in the settings menu or did you JUst create a custom menu?

If it’s set in the settings menu as the default page then you could try solving it by enabling a permalink structure.

I’m sorry just copied the stuff from his server to mine, the database and the custom theme, trying to learn wordpress so I figure this is a good place to start. Attached is a screenshot of the old sites Setting menu, and of the Home page in the Pages menu.

I see that both the sites are the same now. Have you fixed it?