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i want to change 3 dives heights i try to change the height but the height is changed from the down of the dives and when i do absolute and move the dives manually and changed again to relative it moved from the container
now i change it back the were it was i want to know how to do it good without that it look like that?

sending the code

thanks galia

Hello galia which divs are you talking about?

it’s apdiv7, apdiv3, apdiv1

thanks galia

Well the first problem I can see is that the code in your JSFiddle doesn’t even have a div apDiv3.

I don’t understand what it is you’re asking in your first post, so you’ll need to explain more clearly.

However, you seem to have forgotten some of the things which you learned from your other page.

  • Firstly, change charset=windows-1255 to charset=utf-8 right at the top of the page, to ensure it displays correctly. You should be able to set Dreamweaver to do this by default for all future pages.

  • Don’t use direction: rtl; in your CSS (styles). It is best practice to add that to you HTML markup… If most or all of the page is going to be rtl, then set it on the page, rather than on each individual div. If you can’t remember how, go back and look at the other page, and the topic where we discussed it.

Before we start trying to sort out the layout, please make sure you’ve added all the content you intend to add. Then we can adjust the layout to suit. Trying to do it a bit at a time as you go along is a very inefficient way of working, and often means going over the same thing again and again to adjust for new content.

(You also need to remember to give both your pages proper titles; at the moment, they’re both called “Untitled Document”. <title>Untitled Document</title>)

First of all, regarding the previous issue, I’ll explain again on your experiences in the galleries page is the links on the page I had enough and comfortable for surfers on this page?
Now I have changed charset=windows-1255 to charset=utf-8 but I have not found how to change direction: rtl; and yes i made a mistake with the numbers of the divs I wanted to shorten the divs apdiv1, apdiv6, apdiv7 and not will be with the problem that become that one i sent in message 1 and also with that to push down the divs that below
sending image

the code again

thanks galia


were is tecobear?


We are volunteers and it appears TechnoBear hasn’t been on in a couple days. Quite acceptable since she has no requirement to be on this website, let alone answer your questions.

If you would get the website online and get an English translator, I would be more than willing to start helping.

Quick pointers though - we have explained many times how to change the direction from rtl to ltr and vice-versa. I know I personally have read it a handful of times. Re-read the threads you have.


ok i get it sorry but no one help me i thought they want to wait to technobear when she come back to answer my question and no not right now the site will be online if you want i explain again to you the problem and i do not find my threads about rtl to the page how do i find it

thanks galia

Press / type, rtl, click on the first result, which is Post #4.

i do not understand


Press the forward slash button on your keyboard. It looks like this


Right now. As you’re reading that. Press that button. Do nothing else but press that button.

On the top right-hand corner of your screen, a search box will appear. Type “rtl”. Now press Enter.

Once again, get an English translator since your English obviously needs work.

And in case you can’t get the search to work, here is the quote Ryan was referring to in Post #4.

i find the threads is it like that<html xmlns="" dir="rtl"> and if it is true can you help me now with my proublem?


I’ve been away on holiday.

[quote=“nono29, post:13, topic:98888”]
i find the threads is it like that<html xmlns=“” dir=“rtl”>and if it is true can you help me now with my proublem?
[/quote]If the page is entirely or mainly rtl then yes, the best thing to do is to use that declaration on the page. If any sections within the page should be ltr, you can mark them in the HTML, not in the CSS.

I still don’t really understand your problem. You are asking how to change the div height. On each div, you already have a height set, so just change that to whatever height suits you.

Bear in mind, as we’ve said repeatedly, that this is not good practice. If somebody viewing your site increases the font size, it will break your layout. Much better not to set heights, as far as possible, and allow the divs to expand to accommodate their contents.

He’ll have to change the height of the outer container, too… another fixed height


welcome back i hope you enjoy your holiday i opened a new topic to explain mach better the problem so go there that called Divs to go to the end of the container

thanks galia

New topic is at Divs to go to the end of the container - #6 by dresden_phoenix

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