Change clothes in an image?

Is it possible to change clothes a person is wearing in a picture? Like changing a
shirt a person is wearing to a suit (matching shirt and coat) and a tie? What software coud be used photoshop, corel?

[FONT=“Georgia”]It’s possible, yeah, but can be very difficult depending on the photographs you’re working with.

Any descent photo-manipulation software can be used. The methods will be the same.

Basically you’ll need two photographs… the main one, and one with someone standing in the same pose, with similar lighting (and light direction), but wearing the other outfit.

You’d use techniques to cut out the body of the other outfit person and basically super-impose it onto the main photograph.


You could go the opposite way… cut out the main person’s head and hands and replace the other person’s.


Yes, it could be done fairly easily in Photoshop.

The easiest option would be to find a picture of someone who is a similar build to the main picture that is wearing a suit or what ever clothing you would like to use and then using the pen tool select the piece of clothing. Right click, make selection, copy. Paste it into the original and reposition it so that it is in roughly the correct place and then I would use the warp tool to get the edges just how I wanted them. There are quite a lot of ways of doing it, it just depends which method you are most comfortable with! :slight_smile:

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depend of image quality