Change a Project's Drive Letter in Aptana


Is it possible to change the root directory of the address of an Aptana project?

I work off of an external harddrive and so all of my Aptana projects have an address something like G:\www\ . The problem arises when I have several externals plugged in at once, sometimes the G drive letter gets taken by something else.

What I’d like to do is change this drive letter for this external to something like Z, which wouldn’t get taken. My problem is I can’t find anywhere inside of Aptana to point my projects to the new address. Very annoying, and I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

Has anyone ever done this before? How do you set it?

So I’ve figured out a really tedious way to do it.

Go to Window > Show View > Other > Navigator .

With the navigator open, and the project open, right click and choose “Move” to move the files temporarily to my computer’s harddrive.

Then, after moving all of the projects one at a time, change the drive letter of my external using Administrative Tools from my Control Panel.

The move all of the projects over to the new location one at a time.

What a headache.