Challenge for CSS scripters: Bonjourr minimalist startpage

Hi, I’m not a natural at coding at all. I think I’m cursed to be one of those people who need someone to go through it step by step. Until that day comes, I was wondering if one of you geniuses can tell me how to make a custom css script for bonjourr minimalist startpage.
Bonjourr has a dark mode, which looks great in the notes textbox and search box, but discolors other elements of the page.
And so!
I was wondering if someone here could come up with a custom css script that enables dark mode only on the notes textbox and the search textbox. Bonjourr is a browser extension, but it lets you try it out online at
if you click on the gear icon, it takes you to the settings section. If you scroll down you’ll find a section where you can put your custom css scripts. I tried figuring it out myself, but I’ve never had a mathematical/engineering mind.

Somehow I doubt anyone is just going to do it for you, but if you share what you’ve tried, then perhaps someone will try to provide some guidance.

If there’s a bonjourr support area, that might get you an answer faster… :person_shrugging:

Well you dont need to figure it out yourself, do you?

So take the CSS from those elements while Dark Mode is on. Paste it in as your custom CSS. Voila.

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