Chalk Effect in Illustrator

I’m designing a logo in Illustrator 10 and I would like to give some text a chalk effect. Can somebody either tell me the easiest way to achieve this or point me to an online tutorial?


I don’t think a specific tutorial would be needed for this Kevin.

Under the TYPE menu, choose “Create Outlines”. !(take note that by doing this your type is no longer changeable)!
Then in the Toolbar, click the black square outline at the bottom (stroke). Now you can simply choose a “natural” brush type to create the effect of ragged edges around the letters.

You can find lots of other brushes under the WINDOW menu > Natural Brushes. There’s a default “Charcoal” brush that works fairly well. And a “Pencil” one that’s good too.

Hope that helped.

Just use different brushes hat come withIllustrator or build or modify one to suit your needs. Then change the color. It’s the easiest way to do it.

In ps there is a blending option called disolve, if there is the same sort of thing here maybe that would work.
I have achieved chalf effects with the disolve in ps. but I dont own illustartor

That worked like a charm. I just have to tweak the stroke a little (it left a few gaps). I originally learned Illustrator using v7 but I took a small hiatus from it and am know returning to it and trying to get back up to speed.

Great, glad that worked for ya. :slight_smile:

I too haven’t used AI for a long time… i use XaraX instead. But for that effect you’d do the same thing in XaraX.