CGIEMAIL Error 403 - what the hell?

I’m trying to use this cgiemail thing at :

and I have read all of this and done what it says however I am getting the following error:

Form was not processed due to an error.

403 No variable substitutions in template


cgiemail 1.6

Anyone know how to fix this??

I’m not a moderator of this forum, but bumping posts is generally considered bad etiquette. Go back and read the instructions for that script. I looked at it but all I can think to tell you is to make sure have the template page setup properly to use with that script.

Well, that script looks a bit ancient and I have never seen it in use before so there are probably not too many people familiar with it or that want to download the file, read the instructions, set it up, test it, and then try and figure out why it’s not working as expected.

I suggest you post on another forum if you haven’t already and abandon your quest on this forum, which is a slow forum even on a good day. Devshed and tek-tips are both busy forums with lots of people answering questions.

For some unknown reason:

<form action=“…/cgi-bin/cgiemail/cgi-bin/survey.txt” method=“post” enctype=“multipart/form-data” name=“form1”>

generates Error 403, but:

<form action=“…/cgi-bin/cgiemail/cgi-bin/survey.txt” method=“POST” enctype=“multipart/form-data” name=“form1”>

works fine.

I use Dreamweaver MX and it generates a lower-case “post”, so you have to go into Codeview and edit the lowercase “post” to read “POST”. I don’t know enough to explain why this is needed. It strikes me as totally mysterious.