cfmenuItem to open popup window

I am trying to open a popup window with cfmenuitem, it works but give me a javascirpt error that I am not sure how to fix. Here is what I am doing:

<cfmenu name=“myMenu” type=“horizontal” childstyle=“position:relative; z-index: 3000000; "
fontsize=“10” font=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” bgcolor=”#f#f9f40;"
selecteditemcolor=“##dd6b04” selectedfontcolor=“##FFFFFF” menustyle=“border: 1;”>

href=“” display=“Yahoo” target=“New”/>
href=“” display=“google” target=“New”/>

<cfmenuitem name=“popup” href=“‘pop.cfm’,‘mywin’,‘width=300,height=200, left=400,top=400,screenX=0,screenY=100’); index.cfm;” display=“Popup”/>


The current file name is index.cfm. I want the page stay in index.cfm while displaying pop.cfm on the top. It is working fine with everything except a javascript error indicating “index” is undefiined. But if I remove “index.cfm” from the tag, I will get a blank page. Is there anything to fix this?


Worked it around by create an Id tag with the name “index” at the footer include file so no matter whichever page user clicks on the link, it will always work.