CFHTTP get XML missing nodes


I am using CFHTTP to grab an XML document via a GET request.

If I construct the URL I need & paste it straight into the web address bar of a browser I get all the XML back as expected. If I use CFHTTP, I get most of the XML (& the return document is well formed), but a whole node and all it’s children are missing from it.

In the image attached you can see the the request is a success. It is simply now missing a bunch of nodes.

It is accessing a Google Search Appliance.

Here is my code:

<!--- --->
<cfset LOCAL.CFHTTP_Attributes = {
   charset = "utf-8",
   method = "GET",
   url = "#LOCAL.URL#",
   throwonerror = "Yes",
   timeout = "5",
   result = "LOCAL.XML"
} />
<cfhttp AttributeCollection="#LOCAL.CFHTTP_Attributes#"/>

LOCAL.URL is the URL I am using, that works in the web address field of any browser.

Anyone seen this before?