Hi is there a way I can dump out (to a form) values of a query from an action page?

can you dump a query? most assuredly

to a form? no, not with cfdump

is there any way I can see whats it doing?

at the minute im sending 8 emails with attachements when I click the checkbox and press send
but its sending each email 8 times for some reason and I cant figure out why so im ending up getting 80emails

any way to see what what is doing? the cfdump or the query?

The Query
I spose I could copy it into a diaplsy page, that should work

why don’t you just cfdump it, the default format isn’t so bad…

yeh I tried that but its not dumping out anything as its an action page

“… as it’s an action page” ???

wouldn’t doing a cfdump be considered an action?

yeh but its not displaying it for me
im using

<cfdump var=“#qgetinfo#”>

that’s the correct syntax