Cfdiv bind not loading

I opened a new account on GoDaddy, windows iis7, CF8. Most of the CF tags are working but I can not get CFDiv bind to load the bound data. The coldfusion scripts seem to build all the necessary javascript but the div is not loaded.

main page

<cfajaximport scriptsrc="root/CFIDE/scripts/" tags="cfdiv" >
// [I]this is used to point to the local copy of scripts 
// I have verified they are there and browse-able.[/I]

<cfset str = "hello world" />

<cfdiv bind="url:/apps/more_text.cfm" id="b1" bindonload="true" tagname="b_1" />


<cfoutput><p>Some more text for the page</p></cfoutput>


If you don’t have a copy of the CFIDE Directory:
Download developer copy of CF8 (Free)
Install on local PC (about 30 mins)

Upload CFIDE/scripts to directory on website (takes forever)
rename CFIDE to something like myCFIDE

Point the CFAJAXIMPORT scriptsrc to that new directory in an applications.cfm file.