CF9 components inheriting other component functions

It’s doing it, thing is, I don’t want it to. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Here’s how I invoked the components:

<!--- Instantiate framework components. --->
            <!--- Iterate through component list and instantiate into applicaiton scope. --->
            <cfloop query="local.components">
                <cfset structInsert(, listFirst( name, "." ), createObject( "component", application.vars.fqComDotNot & "." & listFirst( name, "." ) ), true ) />
                <cfset structInsert(, listFirst( name, "." ) & "_lastmodified", getFileInfo( "/" & this.mappings["framework"] & "/com/" & name ).lastModified, true ) />

When I dump, I inspect the first component (none of these use “extends” or any form of inheritance)

Sure enough, it has it’s single function in there. Good.

I inspect the next function. It has it’s 2 functions inside of it, good… BUT… it also has the function from the FIRST component!

Anyone know what the heck is going on?